Telegram To Get This WhatsApp Feature Next Month

Telegram To Get This WhatsApp Feature Next Month

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Telegram is instant messaging software and application services launched for iOS on 14-Aug-2013 and for Android in October 2013. It’s a freeware, cross-platform and cloud based messaging platform. This application comprises of end-to-end encrypted video calling, VOIP, file sharing and many other features. This application got more popularity when WhatsApp news was rolling over the web regarding its end-to-end privacy features.

Changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp made some users to switch to other messaging App. Telegram is one of the messaging apps that has acquired number of viewers because of this change.  With the increase in the number of users the cloud based messaging app has rolled out some mesmerising features that can hold the grip on their users with smooth user experience.  At the same time whatsapp has denied with the rumours rolling over social media platforms.

Let’s check out the key difference between whatsApp and telegram messaging app:

WhatsApp and telegram are immediate messaging platforms that are considered to make communication swift and easy. Each app comes with a mobile and web version thus conversation can be managed on multiple mobile devices and features are highly valued by the users.  Both the messaging app highlight read and delivered confirmation. It also provides users with the options to create group chat and make voice calls.

In spite of certain similarities, there are certain key factors that differentiate Whatsapp and telegram app.

Privacy: WhatsApp is one of the well-known messaging platforms used all across the globe. But there was security breach news rolling over the internet where many users have left the platform and started searching for other app that serves them a security. In this case telegram came into the picture.

Whereas Telegram messaging app facilitate user to send encrypted and self-destructing message. This means a message or picture will disappear after a specified time slot. The prime feature of Telegram involves chat function, voice call and broadcast capacity. But now they are planning to come up with video call features like whatsapp that can enhance their features more when compare to whatsapp.

Number of Users: When we compare users whatsapp win the game because as per the recent survey, whatsapp have 1.8 billion active users on a regular basis where as Telegram has 150 million users. Well slowly and gradually may be Telegram can be first to win the game.

Files Sharing:  

Telegram has the ability to help their users to save images, text messages, multimedia files and documents to the cloud. Users can share any sort of file via telegram app   1.5 GB. Whereas whatsapp restricted to video, images, PDF, and document type file.

As the competition is increasing Telegram app is improvising its features every now and then. They are planning to roll out video call features for IOS version of the app. As per the recent conversation, Mr. Durav made the announcement on Telegram platform through text message. He will be adding video dimensions to the voice chat in May 2021. This will help Telegram app to be the most powerful app for group video call. This video call will be having a features such as end-to-end encryptions, screen sharing options, noise cancellation and desktop and tablet support. Well Telegram already provides end-to-end encryption for one on one video calls.

At the same time they are planning to launch 2 more new web applications that will come up with add on features and run smoothly on web. But due to COVID 19 situation they still need some more time to release the final date of application for users.

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