The LMS Provided at ProiDeators is Interactive, in-depth with Examples – Chandan Dhotre


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Meet ProiDeators Trainee Chandan Dhotre, dedicated, confident and ambitious guy from Thane, Maharashtra, who believes in living his life to the fullest and does whatever he likes. He has completed bachelor degree from B.N Bandodkar college of commerce and arts. Now he is pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing Course program from ProiDeators.  So in a recent talk show we decided to see how our trainee is utilizing their skills in their career. He is here to share his experiences with us – Let’s read out his journey in his own words.

Hey Chandan, Pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further we would like to know a bit about you?

Chandan: Hey Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts and experience with others. Professionally I did my graduation from management studies. After completion of my studies I further planned to learn new skills before joining any corporate job. During my free time I spend time playing cricket and mobile games. Other than this I love to go for adventurous trips with friends. After completing the course I would like to utilize my skills to get my family business online and also like to join a corporate job to acquire some experience.

What really captivated you to decide digital marketing as your career?

Digital marketing has bright career options and can be pursued by students, graduates, entrepreneurs and homemakers at any time. This really fascinated me to choose digital marketing as a career and I prefer to join ProiDeators Thane Branch.

Tell us your best experience you had with us as a learner or consumer?

As a learner I have explored major concepts of digital marketing. I have created a website for my business and started building a presence through social media campaigns and paid ads.

How did you differentiate us from others and select our Thane Maharashtra Center over others?

The quality training offered at ProiDeators Center is excellent along with the placement assistance. I got the practical exposure which was outstanding. The LMS access they had shared with the students was in-depth, interactive and based on real life examples.

I would surely say that ProiDeators digital marketing institute delivers quality over quantity and keeps their promises.

Would you consider ProiDeators as a trustworthy & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Yes, 100% I would surely recommend this for young talents who are confused and struggling to begin after their graduations.


ProiDeators Institute offers the best to their students and also understands the needs of each and every student. According to that they counsel each student and guide them a path to select.

What rate would you give it out of 10 to your Institute?

I would surely give 9.5/10

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

With God’s grace , if everything goes well I would like to see myself in the senior managing position in a multinational company.

Would you like to give a piece of advice to young graduates?

If you get stuck after your graduation or are facing problems to find the right job you must check out the Digital Marketing course program offered by ProiDeators. They provide in-depth knowledge and understanding along with placement assistance. Digital Marketing Domain has a lot to explore for everyone irrespective of career or educational backgrounds.

Finally, Describe ProiDeators in one line.      

ProiDeators is a top-notch Institute and has a great support team!

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