Top 6 Tricks To Get More Followers On Instagram

Top 6 Tricks To Get More Followers On Instagram Pro iDeators

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Are you still wondering how to get more followers on Instagram in 2020? The year has reported massive drop in user growth, but Instagram is still surviving as the second most preferred social networking after Facebook. There are millions of users using these platforms to promote their businesses and increase the reach of their audience.  Social media platform is one of the powerful weapon, if used precisely then it helps to enhance your business and connects with more audience.

Let’s check top 6 tricks that help to get more followers on instagram:

Make a Proper Plan and content strategy:  When you are planning to promote your business in social media platform it is important a make a content calendar. You need to create content as per your viewer’s behavior. Content has to be designed according to your business model, holidays, events, newly launched products, exceptional services, seasonal content etc. Now this content not only helps to promote your product but it also connects with wider audience.

Try to publish post, video with content: High quality images and videos with content help your business to grab millions of eyeballs not only in instagram but also in other social media platforms. High quality content with video and images get more engagement, connects with users easily and enhances the traffic. Content that involves educations, entertainment, information’s, etc. and that sticks to their business guideline fascinate more audience

Make use of Hashtags and CTA: This is one of the important parameter to involve in social media platforms because it helps people to reach your business easily.  Branded hashtags and call to action will help people to search about your business post and follow your brand effectively. You can make use of call to action button such as

  • Learn more
  • Double tab if you want to know more about this video
  • Website link (specific Page URL)
  • Follow us so that you can stay updated and so on.

You can add a link in your instagram account and make use of your email address to stay connected with your audience.

Do some competitor analysis: It is always better to be aware how our competitors are performing and in what are you lacking so that you can improvise yourself.  In digital marketing one cannot work on same marketing strategy but diverse plan can help to reach various goals of the company if utilized in effective manner.

Communicate with your audience: Social media is the wider platform and no doubts people are taking interest to reach the brands through these platforms. So you should always be active to interact with them, sort their problems and come up with new techniques to stay connected. You can communicate with your users through contest, games, quiz, puzzle, video making challenges etc. This keep your users engage with your content and business.  It builds brand credibility and increase the popularity of your brand in the market.

Tagging products and images can help to increase conversions: We all have seen people tagging and sharing the stories with others. This connects one person to other and makes your post viral within seconds. Thus tagging a just a small part but plays a crucial role in this platforms. It also helps to increase the traffic and convert leads into conversions.

However social media platforms not only build business loyalty but also influence your audience towards their product and services.  You just need to post and update your users with interesting activities that make them smile and help in respective way. Use it wisely this will definitely make your business to stand apart from the crowd.

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