Top Digital Marketing Skills Every Salesperson Needs – Mayur Tarade


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Digital Marketing is the key component for brands and businesses these days. Person working as a salesperson must know digital strategy to crack down the deals for their company. Gone are the days when old style advertising can do wonders for the company. At present small or big companies need online presence and this can happen with the help of digital marketing. Meet Mr. Mayur Tarade working as a textile engineer in one of the reputed companies. He believes that sales people should know how to sell the product and services to their customer without any hesitation. As technology is evolving, people are more prone to mobile devices where they need everything in one click. Thus it is important for the sales person to enhance their skills to grow their career as well as utilize their knowledge to help their organization to grow.

During one of our Interview questions and answers sessions we have asked Mayur to share his journey with us. So let’s read his story in how own words:

Welcome to Talk Show at ProiDeators, before taking this ahead can you describe yourself?

Hey My name is Mayur Tarade and I am a working professional. I had an opportunity to work as a textile engineer in one of the reputed company. My job role is to manage sales and marketing in the company where I have to manage a team of 10-20 people in one group. As the designation is growing my responsibility towards my organization is increasing too. I have to manage offline sales along with this need to understand how to get brands online to reach an internet potential audience. This is how I started to search and found ProiDeators digital marketing institute as a leading institute.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?  

I am from an engineering background and joined a textile manufacturing company. I have spent many years working in the same domain to understand the actual market size and how things work in this sector.  Now it’s high time to upgrade yourself in the field of marketing. SO I have joined a digital marketing course to acquire digital skills and add quality in my work.

What are your goals after completing your course?

My main objective is to achieve success that will impact the net growth rate of the industry along with my career growth positively.

How did this course help you to grow in your Career?

Digital marketing is a growing industry, and the opportunities are endless if we are willing to learn and upskill ourselves. I have explored new opportunities in my career after completing the certification program from ProiDeators in my own organization. The course has really helped me in a number of ways.

Tell us the best experience you had with Proideators as learners?

It is a great learning experience in Class to learn Digital marketing courses with good examples & lots of practical exposure. This skill can be added to your resume when you really put in the effort. It can create magic if the efforts are valuable and justified. This cannot happen overnight so just practice as much as you all can.

How did you differentiate Proideators from others?

I considered a few factors before I joined ProIdeators:

  • ProiDeators was listed as one of the leading Digital Marketing Education Centers in Navi Mumbai
  • The Course Curriculum provided by the institute was up-to-date and as per the trends
  • They provide offline training at flexible hours
  • The Course Fee is also within the limit and fits in my budget
  • Last but not the least I found the Institute within my location

Describe your institute in one line?

It is the best place to learn digital marketing.

We are at the end of our interview question and answers sessions. We wish you all the best for your future prospects and growth in your career.


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