Top Famous Indian Bloggers Making Massive Money

Top Famous Indian Bloggers Making Massive Money ProiDeators Media

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Blogging has become of the most popular and lucrative profession by today’s standard. According to some research, there is going to be 31.7 million bloggers by 2020 in the USA alone. That number itself speaks about the significance of this profession and why more people are leaving their conventional job to become bloggers. In the context of India, blogging has gained a lot of popularity here too, with all the famous bloggers who are generating a huge chunk of money every single month.

Top Indian Bloggers

Now, let us dig dipper into these Indian bloggers, and how they have excelled everyone else on their own fields.

1) Amit Agarwal

An IIT grad with previous work experience at Goldman Sachs, Amit Agarwal is one of the most renounced Indian bloggers, just after a few months of starting out this blog, Amit started to earn INR 10,00,000 per month. While the number is quite intimidating by itself, the majority of his income source is contributed by affiliate marketing. Right now, Amit is one of those bloggers who is earning more than 20 Lakh to 30 Lakh every single month. So, far Amit’s story is intimidating enough to make you leave everything and start blogging right away.

2) Harsh Agarwal

With this website called ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agarwal also quit his job and started the blog back in September 2008. Till the last year 2019, he was one of the bloggers earning $30,000 per month. The majority of his income source is contributed by Affiliate Marketing, followed by sponsored articles and advertisements. If you take our words, Harsh is the perfect example if an independent young Indian who indeed took the road for this passion.

3) Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak is a Bangalore based, advertising, and electronic marketing consultant. His sole motivation towards starting out this own blog was because of Google AdSense. Till date, his website is considered as one of the top-rated Indian blogs with generating a revenue of more on 2 Lakh INR per month.

4) Pritam Nagrale

Taking about another young Indian blogger, one should always count Pritam. While he started out his first blog in 2004, he continued to maintain tow blogs with the name MoneyConnexion and Currently, he is considered one of the top Indian bloggers with a monthly income of $10,000 to $15,000. With a dedicated team of 35 people, he now manages various blogs while generating the revenue from AdSense and Advertisement.

Final Takeaway

With our list of the top Indian blogger, you are bound to get inspired and motivated through their huge success. Taking their own words, the majority of them believes that there is a huge opportunity out there for the bugging bloggers over the internet. With the help of proper dedication and realistic strategy, anyone can get creative with their content, gaining followers, and above all, generate a regular income. Now, if you are looking forward to become a full-time blogger, make sure to follow them and make good use of their words by heart.

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