YouTube Inaugurate Clips for Live Streams

YouTube Inaugurate Clips for Live Streams ProiDeators Media

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YouTube has launched clips for creators live streams and VODs. YouTube is monitoring new element called clips that facilitate consumers to create short, shareable videos out of creators live streams.

Clipping is a standard element in live streaming and it’s finally being approved by YouTube. It allows creators and audience to take the footage from live stream between 5 to 60 seconds in length and share it with other people. Audience try to create clips from streams that has humorous moment, interesting story, motivational quote, embarrassing blooper, extraordinary play in a video and so on. However it is more suitable to share 15 seconds clip than the long hour live stream.

Whenever the stream is covered for an hour it has its own URL associated with it and link back to creator’s channel. However users watch the video they can clip a stream and share with other as it probably facilitate the channel to acquire more views.

Well to be honest YouTube is quite late to release these upcoming features but they are not ready for wide release yet. An experimental version is launched on a trial basis to start with.

Let’s check some interesting facts about YouTube clips at this point:

  • Clips on YouTube are currently in testing mode
  • It is been shared with small group to check the feedback of the audience and make the further development of this feature
  • Clips can be created during a creators live stream from video on demand uploaded later
  • If you are watching content from one of the channels involves in the test group, viewers will see a clip icon under the video which seems like a pair of scissors.
  • Viewers can tap on click icon and can select a part of the video to share with others.
  • One can add a title and click on ‘’share clip’’ and YouTube will create a URL for viewers to share.
  • The clip will be played on the original video and disk frequently
  • Both creators and signed in viewers can create clips.
  • Clips can be shared on social media platform or via direct communication such as email or text.

Clips can only be made from assured channels during the trial phase; all users can develop clips from those Channels. When audience’s creates clips it get stored in a dedicated tab that address all other clips created by the users across YouTube channels. However YouTube has not yet specified which channel is a part of test group thus viewers have to keep an eye on icon.

YouTube is one of the popular medium to promote business product and services with creative videos and can grab millions of eyeballs for the channel. This also helps to increase brand awareness and view on the video. To know more such interesting facts and news about YouTube marketing get yourself enrolled in social media marketing course and get your business ahead of your rivals.

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