8 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for an Internet Marketer

8 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for an Internet Marketer Proideators

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Counted as the most crucial aspects of marketing and brand recognition, digital marketing marks the trends for boosting all the business operations for organizations of any size and niche. Bring up to date with the trends and technology that digital marketers use to keep the presence of a brand on the top in the digital space is important. However, this is difficult to manage single-handedly. Knowing the advanced digital marketing tools is the best way an internet marketer can plan for an ace marketing and brand awareness of an organization. Below are mentioned the 8  essential digital marketing tools for an internet marketer,

  1. Google trends: Being the mother of all search engine, Google presents you a large number of tools and software that can be utilized by an internet marketer to gain the most out of their marketing campaign, one being the Google trends. This platform, when searched with the relevant keywords brings you the top search results on a global scale. With the right keywords, the platforms present a deeper insight based on their current and global search result. This platform allows a marketer to know the latest trends in the market to develop relevant strategies.
  2. Google Analytics: Another majorly important platform for digital marketers to check and keep a track of their campaigns through effective analysis and statistical graphs to support the idea. Google analytics presents a range of dashboard features that brings real-time data and analysis of the campaign’s current status. This tool equips the marketer with all the necessary information that would decide the next steps for the campaign.
  3. Canva: Being the handiest and frequently required platform for a marketer, Canva assists a digital marketer during the creation of any infographics, animations or photo. The software has a better user experience with simplified features that makes it more worthy of being easily used without compromising with the quality of work generated.
  4. Hubspot: A comprehensive platform for tracking marketing campaign and collaborates the insights with the sales team is all that you need? Hubspot is the most comprehensively designed, customized platform for effective lead management and nurturing,  campaign administration and generating sales reports. The platform provides the basic features for free, however, upgradation to premium takes only $50 a month with all the features.
  5. Grammarly: A grammatical error in any of your content marketing tool or marketing collateral can damage the SEO as well as effectiveness. Grammarly is the best platform that can be easily installed to look for any grammatical error in the writeup.
  6. Constant Contact: Best used for email marketing, lead management and similar purposes, Constant contact present that most collaborated environment for emailing that can be customized as per business needs.
  7. Facebook Ads: Never can we think to ignore the best social media platform as an effective tool for all internet marketer. The platform can be used to post ads and run a marketing campaign with better targeting of the relevant audience.
  8. Pingdom: While maintaining the SEO of a webpage is the most important task that an internet marketer is assigned to do, a longer loading time of a webpage can instantly hamper the efforts. Pingdom presents the best platform to boost the speed of webpage loading thereby ensuring a better SEO ranking.

The above mentioned digital marketing tools can be the best arsenal for an internet marketer who never backs up on his promise of generating the best ROI and revenue.

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