Comparing Wix & WordPress: Which Is Better for SEO?

Comparing Wix and WordPress Which Is Better for SEO

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Wix and wordpress are the well-known website solutions available on web. According to the recent survey wix offers 5.5 million websites while WordPress offer more than 30 million websites. The big difference between them is that Wix is a website builder and hosted solution, whereas WordPress is an content management system (CMS) and not hosted. Before choosing anyone to you need to understand which option works better for SEO. Thus we have listed down the pros and cons of each platform when it comes to SEO, along with some fascinating facts and strategy to facilitate you make the precise decision for your website.

Pros of Wix Platform:

  • Wix is one of the easiest platforms to develop ultra-modern website. However, audience with sharp technical knowledge always stays behind because the platform never provides complete control over the site.
  • Gradually Wix started upgrading the platform and adding some more features that can enhance its flexibility.
  • They started focusing on SEO tools. This tools can fix the SEO features easily that can modify default URL structure, customize subdirectory name, remove or add prefix to URLs and sometime they can create flat URL structure.
  • They can work on sitemap updated through 301 redirects and can set up the canonical and relevant Meta tag.

Cons of Wix Platform for SEO

  • There are number of disadvantage and some of this crash the feature of SEO.
  • Wix uses an uncommon link structure which is most probably not beneficial from SEO prospective. In every URL structure there would # sign noticed. This is due to javascript and because of this uncommon link structure it is not ideally designed for search engine crawlers and indexation.
  • They do not offer advance custom code or HTML code element in its platform.
  • They lack ability in offering precise data and information about the website performance which create problems for marketers.

Pros of WordPress Platform for SEO

  • WordPress is one of the broadly used website solutions that made it equally easy to set up a wordpress and start working on it.
  • It’s an open source platform which is popularly known as content management system.
  • The functionality of wordpress is easy and themes are available as free and paid both.
  • As per the requirement one can access the complete site under one control.
  • With the help of plugins person can design and customize the entire website along with SEO implementation.

Cons of WordPress for SEO

  • The only drawback of WordPress site is the conflicts that can be created by the unnecessary installation of Plugins in a wordpress site.
  • Unwanted installation of Plugins can reduce the website speed and can create bugs in future.
  • Yoast SEO is the most popular Plugins that are used by promoters but there are many more which can be utilized at a time.
  • Sometimes accepting new updated in plugins can create vulnerabilities and site ability to break.
  • The transparent volume of WordPress Plugins accessible has always been a strong selling point.

Thus New Plugins are been added each day which not only help to develop website more vibrantly but also facilitate advertisers to optimize SEO friendly site. That’s the reason WordPress has win the race and users prefer CMS open source platform as their first choice to opt for.

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