Top 7 Best SEO Audit tools For Auditing Your Website in 2021

Top 7 Best SEO Audit tools For Auditing Your Website in 2021

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SEO auditing is the initial step to make a further strategy for the business. It helps to monitor the compatibility of a website with organic search engine. Auditing and monitoring website successfully is significant to boost website ranking and fascinate potential audience. These outstanding SEO audit tools are the best source to utilize for the website in 2021.

Benefits of SEO audit tools:

These tools have diverse benefits that are significant for analyzing your website properly. A few of those uses are as follows:

  • Help to monitor and improve website content
  • Facilitate to fix proper URL structure
  • It gives idea on how to make website work better on organic search
  • Improve content ranking on search engine and so on.
  • Assist to search well performing keywords for the website

Here are the top 7 best SEO audit toll for auditing your website:

Keyword Planner: The most crucial and leading thing that facilitate your website to rank higher on search engine result pages is to make use of appropriate keywords. With the help of keyword planner tool advertisers can generate end number of keywords that suits your audience needs and fits in your business. It helps to generate specific key phrase for the website and make the work convenient for everyone. The best part of this tool is it is absolutely free of cost and easily available online. This will save your time and help to generate keywords in a short span of time smoothly.

SERP’s Checker: If you want to rank higher and get more traffic for website on search engines then you need to take the help of SERP checker tool. This tool is significant to get a suggestion about which websites are ranked higher on the search engine result pages for the targeted keywords. Getting more traffic and leads to the website is equal to ranking higher on SEO pages. To get more updates you can subscribe this tool for SERP results.

Competitor Analysis: This tool helps to analyze your competitor’s websites. It will also help you get all the data over the internet and help you with the similar data available on web. Keeping an eye on your rival will help you to make better strategy and plan for the business.

Site speed checker: This plays a key role in SEO auditing because website speed cannot be slow in any situation. To check your website speed you can take the help of website speed checker tool that will assist you with the mistake. To improve your website speed then try to avoid flash, heavy banner images, heavy video images etc. These tools are designed to assist advertisers to develop your site faster by letting you known about if your site is working slow or fast. This tool can be used by anyone either by professional or by beginners.

Backlink Checker: This tool helps you to check and analyze quality backlinks for your domain. Along with your content, backlinks are the key element that identifies how well your web pages are optimized and perform in organic search result. Backlinks are crucial for SEO that ensure with the quality traffic towards the website. With the help of backlink checker one can ensure what type of backlinks are good for the website in order to increase the traffic to the website. This will help your website to grab the desired position on SERP of Google.

Plagiarism Checker: This is one of the finest tools used widely because it ensures the content quality. It is one of the credible tools that provide prompt result about copy write issue which is useful for website in the digital world.  It helps writers to remove any duplicate content from their articles or text makes it unique and consistent.

Grammar Checker This tool helps writers to check out their grammatical error present on their article or web pages. It helps with the phrase and terminology which can be used differently while creating a website. If the writer is really good into the writing work but sometime these tool do the wonders without consuming much time. However writing is an art and it does not require such tool to represent creativity of writing but sometimes it really work for the writers.

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