How to Fascinate Potential Users through Facebook Ads Campaigns?

How to Fascinate Potential Users through Facebook Ads Campaigns

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Once you set up an ecommerce online store for your business, the next step is to fascinate your audience and target all the possible digital platforms that can connect users from different sources. Numbers of ways are now available in digital marketing to promote your brand product and services and set up online store on diverse platforms to engage with your potential customers. To start with take the help of social media platform which is one of the trendiest and the excellent platform to raise the brand and enhance business on its diverse channels.

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms that comprises of more than 4.45 billion users till 2025. Based on the active users the top social media channel that hold highest ranking on search is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook Messanger. According to the source 20% of US audience make their purchase through Facebook with a year. Thus using Facebook for the business in an effective style can drive revenue for the brand and help you to sustain the market on a long run.

Make a proper strategy to start with Facebook Ads Campaigns if you want to search prospective users through the paid advertisements.

Let’s take a look on How to search customers through Ads: 

Create Ads that help to find customers:

Coming with online store and social media presence wont’ help business to get the new customers. For this you need to start create awareness campaign about your product and brand so that people get fascinated towards your ecommerce portal. In this case, paid ads play a crucial role in connecting people towards your brand and business. However, you need to understand your audience by knowing their demographic and interest. Understand where to target, whom to target and how to target the audience as per their age group, location, devices, and preferences. These characteristics will surely help you to understand your users while running campaigns.

Facebook facilitate marketers to search the specific audience and customize as per the choices to target the audience. You must also consider that Facebook has to approve each ad before making it live. There are certain rules and regulation that are mandatory by Facebook regarding ads, thus important to understand Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

Take the help of video ad tools:  

Video tools are another way to connect with your audience by creating short video, reels, short video story that can influence your audience within seconds. These videos can run between 20-30 seconds with mesmerizing storytelling that can create curiosity among the users to click and know more about it.  You can begin with the question solving video that can solve problems about your product or services. This will help people to engage and interact with your ad as well as your online website through call to action services.  To make the video more realistic and tempting you can make use of tools and several editors. One of the well-known tools is Lumen5 that help to create outstanding video ad within minutes. By using AI powered technology, you just need to upload an ad copy with few images or video and the tool will automatically create a video for you. You can even edit and add some more feature if you feel like. The tools come up with free and paid version which can be used as per the choices.

Image Ads Sources:

While creating ads, you need images that can fascinate users to click on your ads. However, you cannot use the image directly from the internet because there would be copyright issue. Thus you need to take the help of image sources that can help to edit and find all new images as per your requirement.

Following are the few sources that can be used to take the images and video for free for Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Canva
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay Coverr
  • StockSnap
  • Wallpapercrafter
  • Pinclipart

To make your image noticeable keep the picture bright, full of colour and eye-catching. Don’t use the image with the same colours because sometimes similar and dull course won’t get noticeable. Choose an image with smile, happy faces and positivity because it speaks louder than words. Make sure to use proper size for the ad type

Ad Creation: While designing an ad, make sure to keep the ad simple, short and cut to the point. You can use client’s testimonials, review, product launch and emojis. To become more professional into Facebook Marketing or digital marketing then feel free to check video on YouTube or sign up for a course at ProiDeators Media.

Keep updating and posting new and entertaining things on social media platform. Connect online and In-store activities. Offers exclusive deals to your facebook subscribers and fans and stay updated through Facebook insights. Insights will help you to monitor the facebook page and overall performance of your free and paid campaigns.

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