Why Content is Significant For SEO?

Why Content is Significant For SEO - Proideators Digital Marketing Course Training Institute

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Content and SEO works hand-in-hand! Best style of content form a bond that can propel any website to reach the top of search engine network. And at the same time if content is plagiarized and does not provide any information, relevancy as per users perspective then it cause Google penalties.

What Content means?

Content comes in number of variations such as audio, text, video, e-books etc. and it informs, entertains, educates or communicate the people more precisely who reads it.

What is SEO value for content?

Google is one of the leading search network which process more than 3.5 billion searches every day. Google algorithms are continuously changing in an effort to provide useful and appropriate results in a friction of a second. The useful and appropriate data that Google is trying to convey are the pieces of content that are accessible all over the web. These form of content are ranked by their alignment of effectiveness and relevancy to the visitors performing the search. Therefore, in order to perform a SEO value in search network, then content has to fulfill the basic criteria of Google Algorithm and need to serve the best to the seekers.

How to make sure that content is beneficial and Valuable? Google has recommended a precise solutions for this. They suggest, as one start creating content make sure it is:

Useful & Informative:  If your website is all about education then make sure the content has to be relevant, precise and informative.  The content should enlighten the users by offering upgraded syllabus, proper locations, hours of operations, contact information’s, menu, blog to share upcoming seminars, events and news etc. There are number of things that can make your website to stand out from the crowd.

More valuable and Useful than other sites: If you write about fashion apparels, then make sure that article delivers more value or different approach to the users. There should be number of information, product display, description and other features that can fascinate your audiences towards your website.

Credible: It is always important to maintain your brand reputation and site credibility on web. Make sure to build your site credibility by using unique research, citation, links, reviews, client’s recommendations and so on.

High Quality: The site content has to be distinctive, specific and high quality. It should not be outsourced on a large number of other sites. Make sure that your content should be formed mainly to give your audiences a good users experience and not only for search network.

Engaging: Create a website that help to boost user’s engagement and communicate well about your product or services. Make use of diverse digital medium to convey the message and interact with the audiences such as comments, social media widgets, new updates etc.

When these components are in place you increase the potential of SEO value of your content. There are number of things that need to be considered while doing SEO. Content is just a matter of the entire concept for SEO but there are other technical elements which is equally important in search engine optimization.

The Importance of Optimizing Content

The reason to optimize content is as simple as ranking top on search network. The contents are created in two ways one is content centric and other one is audience centric. In content centric, Content is created and then they search for the audiences. They try to convey what company wants to talk about and narrow down the list of audiences. Whereas audience centric means that content is focusing on what audience wants to hear about. They search audience and then content is created accordingly. The list of audiences are broader and company desire their media could play on this side.

How to optimized content for SEO?

When trying to create optimized content, there are certain steps that need to be follow:

Do keyword research and identify your topic: While creating audience-centric content one should include keywords. You need to do keyword research and make sure that the resulting content must be found through search engines. Keywords makes your content more flexible to be found on search networks when search by the users for specific term.

When you are selecting the keyword make sure to select long-phrase keywords. Avoid extremely competitive keywords with giant numbers. Use a specific keyword research tool. And then select the keywords that matches your topic.

Make Title Tag: These are the technical aspects of SEO which helps search engine to understand what the page is all about. In simple words when users perform a search, the title tag is the clickable headline that is been displayed on the top of each results. To optimize the Title Tag there are certain parameters that one need to stick with:

  • The length of the Title Tag has to be 60 Characters
  • Do not stuff the keywords in heading tags
  • Make sure to add primary keywords in Title tags
  • Be specific what the content is all about

Meta Description: This is a small snippet of the text that display under the title tag and URL which describes about the product or services of your businesses. To optimize the Title Tag there are certain parameters that one need to stick with:

  • The length of the Meta description has to be 230 characters
  • Deliver short, specific overview of what the content is all about
  • Include relevant keywords

Proper URL Structure: This is one of the important element of SEO that may influence the ranking factors. Therefore it is vital to have properly optimized URL structure which can help search engine and users to visit your website easily.

Here are the examples of how URL readability can affect the way audience’s sees results.

Good URL Structure: https://www.proideators.com/blog/start-display-advertising/

Bad URL Structure: https://www.proideators.com/blog/post-?ID=123display+advertising/

Therefore when content is properly optimized it extremely improves the visibility of the sites. Without visibility & exposure the content is just like the other millions of articles posted everyday on the web but no one is bother to check it out what the content is all about.

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