Get to know how google panda can help you

Get to know how google panda can help you ProiDeators

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After the first Google Panda algorithm update was rolled out back in February 2011, global search results were affected by nearly about 12%. The impact was so huge as well as unprecedented that it was for the first time; the future of search changed forever. Google Panda is still kicking in the streets with its war against the so-called black hat SEO practices. Till date, it has remained one of the most notorious algorithms of all time in the history of searches.

So, if you are starting out in the content market, here is a list of some of the advantages of Google Panda that you need to know and how you can benefit yourself from those:

1) Helps with Duplicate Contents

When it comes to Google Panda, it is mostly known for its quick action against duplicate contents. It helps to keep people out of the search results which are associated with unethical practices of copy and pasting contents.

What’s in it for you? By creating genuine contents, you can practically be on the good books of Google Panda, which would definitely help you in the long run.

2) Increases Time Efficiency

Regarding the creation of contents, it should be noted that time is the most crucial factor to achieve success. It can look up and analyze your contents faster so that the user can get their timely contents. Google Panda also helps to serve the right content at the right time.

Google Panda always works in favour of those who want to deliver the correct and exact information in front of the audience.

3) A Better Browsing Experience

Whenever Genuity is concerned, Google Panda is just the right choice for you. It has the capability to filter all sorts of irrelevant and unnecessary contents from the search results.

The user always looks for accurate information over the internet. So, it is the duty of the search engine to provide them with what they really want. So, with adding relevancy to your content according to what the user might actually search, there is a great possibility to get better rankings on search results.

4) Prefers Good SEO

Just remember, whatever you do, always go by the ethical books. Before Google Panda, there were several black hat SEO practices which were used to get better search results. Now, only good SEO practices are preferred by Google Panda.

If you are honest with your content and have put a lot of hard work, Google Panda is going to pay you with better search results. Avoid using paid backlinks, keyword stuffing and other such mischievous activities, and you are always good to go.


Alike everything else, Google Panda also comes with its own sets of pros and cons. There is not too much of a disadvantage when it comes to Google Panda; rather, we can come to the conclusion that it is the measuring standard set by Google themselves to promote high-quality organic search results. So, when it comes to Google Panda, its ultimate motive is to grow the interest for genuine content creators so that they can earn the place they deserve.

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