Using of Instagram as a mean for Influencer Marketing

Using of Instagram as a mean for Influencer Marketing

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Why is Instagram Deemed as an Influential Market?

The answer to this very question lies behind the simple human behaviour. With social media platforms being an integral part of our lives, it has become quite a habit for people to look up for opinions and social approvals. And this is exactly where the so-called social media influencers come into place. People seek advice for as simple as where to eat, what to wear, and how exactly they can plan their perfect vacation.

Studies have further proven that 71% of people make their purchase online based on social media referrals, and where do you think these referrals come from? With over 400 million users and 80 million photos and videos being uploaded every single day, there is a huge opportunity out there on Instagram to convert casual viewers into potential customers.

With Google’s search for Influencer marketing has grown over 1500% in the past few years, one can surely bet that social media influencers are the next big thing. Here is our list of some of the reasons why one should consider Instagram as the Influencer marketing platform:

1) This Marketing Strategy is More Organic

While Instagram advertising strategy is still relevant to this day, but the influencers have a lot of opportunities to drive a strong portion of the organic traffic. Influencers have the capability to engage with their followers in a verity of ways. Real-time contents like Instagram stories or live video streaming along with a visually appealing post creates the Genuity of the account that everyone seeks for.

With an advanced industry, people are also becoming smarter every single day. At the current situation, people are most likely to ignore the paid ads that are shown over Instagram. E-commerce website traffics has gone skyrocketing after the use of influential marketing. Currently, at the moment, it has become so dominant that even other social media platforms can’t compete with it.

2) Niche-Specific Targetting

It is the time to say hello to hashtags and niche-specific contents. One of the bigger reasons that the paid advertisements won’t work is due to the fact that most of the time, they can’t target the right audience. Take, for instance, if you have a business of bakery, only food enthusiasts are likely to follow you rather than someone who has a taste in technology or something else.

With influence marketing, you get the opportunity only to target those people who are most likely to share a common interest. And this is where hashtags come into play; With the proper hashtag incorporation, you can always attract the right audience.

3) Making Your Posts Personal

Influential marketing has a tendency to relate everything with our lives. Take all the famous influencers for an example. They are most likely to tap into their own lives and show you all the positive glimpse of it. This is what mesmerizes people into following them and take their opinions as the absolute one.

While this might seem like pure manipulation, but in reality, that is how the market works. And once you start relating their posts with your life, that is precisely where the marketing strategy pays off.


If you are looking to expand your business or just to sell your products online, Instagram is the best place at the moment. While the days of paid advertisements is gone, it is time to look forward to a better alternative such as influential markets. And once you get a grasp of it, take our words, you are not going to regret it later. Your success towards driving a huge customer is inevitable.

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