Google Announces a New look for Search Pages on Mobile Devices

Google Announces a New look for Search Pages on Mobile Devices

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Google is trying to make its searching experience better for the prospective audiences.  Thus Google has brought a new look for search pages on the mobile devices. This new feature surely makes the searching experience better. It makes the entire process more user-friendly and allows one to search with ease to get better and effective results. It helps to get a piece of enhanced information regarding what he or she is searching for.

Here is how this new feature helps you search better:

Identify the useful pages:

When you are searching for any brand or a service you will be able to find the branding of the website on your mobile screen. By this you will be able to know where the information actually belongs to. You will also have an idea about the pages that contain the set of information you are looking for.

 Saves you time:

In this fast-moving world, you will never want to skip a chance where you can save your time. When you are searching for something on Google whether it a service, brand or a product, you can see an ad label, written in bold along with web address. This will save not only save more time but also help you to recognize where the piece of information is actually upcoming from. Also, the website-icon will now appear at the top of the search results list, unlike the previous format where only the name or the title of the page used to appear along with a URL.

It lets the owners of the ad stay forth:

With this new look introduced by google, the publishers of ads will be able to showcase their branding. They will no longer look like the same old blue links. This will put forward the publisher’s site in front of the customers allowing them to get more exposure to the potential viewers.

Generate more action-buttons:

This new feature also enables to add more action buttons as well as information previews to the search cards. This is because, in this feature, the word ‘Ad’ will be written in a new manner. It will be written in bold black fonts and instead of green, as it previously used to be. Also, this label will now replace the previous website icon on the advertisements and this allows adding more and more useful action buttons to the search card.


It is obvious and everybody knows that Google has always tried its best to make the experience of searching better for its users, this feature will help a user find the information they are looking for quickly and easily, and also help save time. You can expect several more new and exciting features by google in the coming days to make the experience with google search better and more effective. It is been reported that, in the coming days, google might provide full coverage for the news results and also something like AR search results etc.

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