How Augmented Reality can influence your life?

How Augmented Reality can influence your life ProiDeators

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We all have at least once stumbled across terms like Augmented or Virtual reality and have also heard the techy guys talking about it. So, what exactly is an augmented reality? When we create an artificial layer on top of reality, it is often termed as Augmented reality. In more simpler terms, the objects that are created through augmented reality doesn’t actually exist in our world; it is only visible through the display of mobiles or smart glasses.

While the technology seems like something coming out of the fairyland, it has great potential towards the way in which we perceive our world. Here is a list of some of the ways in which augmented reality can influence our lives:

1) Interactive Advanced Gaming

With the AR in town, the gaming world has achieved greater heights. Who could have ever possibly thought about roaming pokemon on the street, which you can catch through your smartphones? Yes, you have heard that right, we are talking about Pokemon Go, which is one of the most advanced mobile games in the 21st century. The game at its time had 60 million active users in the year 2017, with an AR market share of 84%.

Other mainstream video games are also joining the club with their advanced technologies and working towards creating the gaming world not so different from our own.

2) AR in Sports Broadcasting

Who could have thought that implementing AR into live sports broadcasting would be praised so much by the mainstream consumers? It has not only just increased the viewership but also changed the ways in which we look into live video footage. With the help of AR, people can view close calls, record-breaking achievements, and fouls in such a way that won’t be possible ever before.

With such extraordinary results, more and more companies are investing in the AR research and development so that they can enhance the viewing experience for their audiences. With AR, viewers can actually see through the player’s performance within an ongoing match.

3) AR and Shopping

Have you recently purchased any eyewear or furniture online? If not, try it out sometimes. It is our bet that you will be surprised by the way e-commerce websites are using AR. With the help of AR, people can now see how the furniture would actually fit in their homes through their smartphones or just talking a few snaps of their photo to see which sunglasses look best.

This has increased their sales exponentially, which keeping the return rates minimum. This is mostly because, in a sense, people can actually try items virtually before shopping.

4) Better Security

Instead of providing outputs, AR can also take inputs and use them for their own benefits. This has led to better security in computers and other mobile devices. With the help of AR, facial recognization has gotten better over the past few years.


Unlike other technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Augmented reality is moving at a fast pace than we could have possibly imagined. The influences listed above are just a few of the ways in which it can change our lives. With the course of time, there are going to several other circumstances in which AR will be used, which can benefit the quality of life.

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