How To Get More Views On YouTube: 9 Strategies That Actually Work

How To Get More Views On YouTube: 9 Strategies That Actually Work

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This is second most popular search engine stands after Google and now Youtube holds a new grip among the People. It has become one of the most crucial marketing strategies that every brand and individual desire to be a part of. As per the research, There are approximately 3 billion monthly searches spend every day with more than 45 minutes average session spend on video.

Over 1.5 billion videos are watched on a regular basis on Youtube which has given rise to diverse influencers who have marked their footprints in the industry. This platform is constantly evolving and developing enormously among the youth and advertisers are participating on a large scale. The marketers are trying to come up with new and effective video which can help their businesses to reach their prospective audience and get more views.  Getting view is not an easiest job because if the video is really good, catchy and fascinating only than people will attract towards the video on search network.

Every now than search networks are coming up with new algorithms where they can monitor the viewer’s behavior rather than the view counts. So it’s a challenging job for advertisers to publish the quality video that generates views organically and attracts audiences with its storyline.

Let’s dive into the tricks that can help you to gain more views on YouTube Video:

Appealing Content:  Content always plays a vital role in marketing and it is been proven that more than a context, visual content hold the more attentions. Always keep the content creative, appealing and which can engaged maximum audience with its story. Even a small story can catch the number of eyeballs if it is explained in a visualized manner.  Also make sure that you should not put number of Ads in the video because it increases the bounce rate.

Use effective Keywords Rich Title & Descriptions: YouTube works just like Google, thus it is necessary to use effective keywords in Title and description without violating YouTube algorithms. A precise Title and description with keywords will help your video to come top on search network and highlights the information about the video more efficiently.

Make use of Keyword research tool that is Google keyword planner to search the keywords and utilize those keywords in videos. This helps you to gain organic traffic and also increase your video visibility on search network.  Make sure the Title should be between 60-70 characters and description should be 150-200 characters in video.

Post Unique & trendiest Video: You can either come up with the informational video, educative video, entertaining video that attracts more of your audience. Before you make your own business video, check what is the trends in the market, how other are coming up with the video and check the competitor’s videos as well. It is important to narrate the story in a creative way, information way, humorous way to grab the attentions.

Optimize Your Channels: It is easy to create a channel but challenging to optimize the video in an effective manner to get listed on top YouTube marketing network. Optimizing a channel not only helps to enhance your brand value but also make you to build brand credibility in the market with more views.

Few points to notice for optimizing the channels are given below:      

Create a visual brand look: creating a video is easy but to give the brand visual effects and presentable method is bit challenging to get in front of the audience. People appreciate the video that goes straight to the heart more than just a visual video. Video with visual should be visible in the website, social media platforms and same in YouTube channels as well. This boost the brand aesthetic look and credibility in front of audiences. This can be anything like company logo, image, profile picture, banner etc that represents the business in the market with brand look.

YouTube Channel descriptions:  Description help you the represents the video story through the written context. It should involve keywords, simple language and stick to the storyline. In the about tab you can add all the important details about your company brand and video to stay updated with your audience. You can highlight the benefits of the product and services. You can showcase your website details and contact details with social platforms.

Always highlight the Channel keywords: In YouTube there is an option to add tag, try to highlight your company keywords in the Tag options.

Video Trailer: If you wanted to make your audience aware about your video try to come up with the mesmerizing trailer launch in the respective domain. Make it so popular that people should eagerly wait for the rest video.

  • Display what are the benefits of the video
  • Define what type of content you are offering
  • Encourage them to subscribe

Concentrate of Watch Time: As per YouTube algorithm, bot is concentrating more on viewers watch time to make it more identical. Thus it is important to concentrate on audience behavior with their actions. Because maximum and minimum watch time can help you to understand the activity and target accordingly in the next video. Sometime it also depends on the video how engaging it is and how well it can hold the grip of your audience.

Create Playlist: This is the other options that help advertisers to come up with the similar other content through playlists and keep their audience engaged.

Conclusions:  Whether it is YouTube video or any other video platform, you should always try to come up with the best performing video that has combination of content and visuals both in a creative style. Hope the above tips can help you to optimize the channels and rank your video top on search network.

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