How E-Commerce Companies Are Helping People To Stay Safe at Home During Coronavirus?

How E-Commerce Companies Are Helping People To Stay Safe at Home During Coronavirus ProiDeators Media

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When there is a lockdown in India till 14-April-2020, People are advised to stay at home and be safe. In this lockdown not only our honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has requested people to stay at home but also trying to inform every aspect of coronavirus through different mediums. He is trying his level best to sort these issues within the entire country. Lockdown is the only option to stay safe at home because virus is spreading like anything. To save everyone social distancing and staying safe with family is the only options in these crises. People are not allowed to move to the road unless it is not an emergency.

In this case people are getting panic and scared how they are going to manage the entire household for 21 days in the period of lockdown. But government of India has announced that essentials commodities will be provided to every households and no one will stays hungry in this crises. All the aspects are been taken care of for the daily uses. The governments are allowing these regular essentials, grains, fruits, vegetables, medicines to the people. Along with this they have even asked the e-commerce companies to support the mission and let people stay at home and be safe.

There are number of companies who are coming up to help the people and government in this mission so that people can stay at home. Companies like big basket, big bazar, and reliance fresh are delivering the regular and essentials commodities at home safely all across the region. As the transport services are helping to deliver these products in the particular company so that this e-commerce company can pack the essentials and serve to the customers doorsteps. People have to place the order through internet, phone and whatsapp with the list of commodities which is very important. Their people will pack the essentials as per the order placed and will ask the delivery person to deliver the product at the doorstep.

People can do these things by sitting at their comfort zone and they don’t have to move in the market to buy the product. They can even pay through the secure online options. So 90% coronavirus problems is been sorted from these angles. Bigbasket, Bigbazaar, Reliance Fresh had taken the help of Swiggy and Zomato delivery boys to deliver the commodities in the respective locations.

Even social media platforms are facilitating people about the coronavirus diseases through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. There are even celebrities who are staying at home, enjoying their lockdown with their family members and trying to work from home as much as possible. Thus this is a humble request to every citizen of India that kindly co-operates with our government and makes your lockdown period more interesting but utilizing your spare timings by learning some skill development course through internet. People can learn online digital marketing certification course where they can acquire the digital skills sitting at their own comfort zone.  They will be getting the benefits of live session where they can connect directly with the trainers who hold 10+ years of experience in their digital industry and will be guiding each and every step of digital to the students through internet.

These online sessions can be done at any time with flexible hours. Thus even digital marketing institutes are keeping these in mind and helping people to spend their quality time in learning and enhancing their skill for their respective career.

However if you spend your time in an effective manner then you will enjoy these lockdown period without getting bored or irritated. SO stay home, be safe is the only motive till everything goes well in the country.

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