How Did Facebook Helps Companies Respond to the Impact of COVID-19?

How Did Facebook Helps Companies Respond to the Impact of COVID-19

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We have recently seen some new information coming in social media platform to stay away from the coronavirus and be safe at home. Now Facebook has published 3 new guidelines to facilitate diverse categories of businesses respond to the impact of coronavirus.

Let’s check what Facebook have suggested to the businesses for retailers, E-commerce companies and small business:

Suggestion to Retail Advertisers: Facebook suggest all the retailers to come up with piece of advice that help their consumers during covid-19.

Protect the health of your consumers:  Make sure to inform the consumers about the preventive measure that your business is taking to ensure the consumers health and safety.

If you have sufficient resources than you can provide free home deliver to your consumers. Make sure that your store should not gather crowd and people should maintain social distancing.

At the same time if you consider setting an e-commerce solutions or you can sell goods and services through Facebook Live.

Facebook also endorses dynamic ads that offer significant and in-stock products to fulfill the needs of individual consumers.

Make use of advanced technology: At the time of crises people should use their brain and technology that makes the work easier. You can ask consumers to make the payment through mobile app or online transaction through debit or credit card whichever option is convenient to them.

Any effort that reduces the touch point of consumers it should be informed prior so that they can take safety measures.

Suggestion to E-Commerce Advertisers:  The impact of coronavirus is observed in online business as well, as the pandemic is affecting the supply chain and logistics networks.

Facebook suggest the following pieces of advice to retail advertisers.

Before showcasing the products and services make the important announcement and information through online platforms.

Make important information freely available to consumers who visit the Facebook page and website such as:

  • Inventory shortages
  • Shipping delays
  • Any changes in future delivery dates
  • Special notices
  • Also mention these details in every product page or home page to make them aware.

You can share this information in all of your social media platforms.

Maintain communication with customers:

Since due to lockdown period, in most of the places people are not allowed to move out unless there is an emergency.  Thus it is important to maintain your communication with the consumers and inform them each and every detail about their order they have placed. This builds the loyalty among the customers and creates positive experience.

Go for online events: Consider using alternate platforms to reach your audience through live streamlining, live video through instagram, Facebook etc. Instead for store workshop one can opt for online webinar where people can learn number of things. Through these online live sessions people can participate and can enjoy the online events sitting at their comfort zone.

Be responsive to consumers: It is important to be responsive with visibility and transparency during these times. Businesses will probably be receiving an end number of queries for the future. Thus you have to answer their entire question through the website, Facebook pages, Instagram and other platforms as well.

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