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A celebrity or a person, who is highly regarded by the common people can influence a large section of the population at once. It is not uncommon for actors, sportsperson or other celebrities of similar power to endorse a product. However, the concept has changed recently, where instead of working in advertising campaigns directly, they become a part of the brand itself and work in collaboration with them.

What is influencer marketing

It can be considered as a potent bridge that forms a bridge between the older and the newer methods of marketing. An influencer can be anyone who has a hold over the social echelon or in short, have a large number of followers. In the modern era, one way of knowing it is by seeing a person’s social media followers. Basically speaking, influencer marketing involves identifying such people and using them to create conversations with the customers of a brand which will create a bigger impact.

The marketing ideas are developed around these influential people itself. The concept behind such an approach is the fact that when a person finds out that their favorite personality is featuring for a particular brand, their trust towards the products under that brand automatically increases. They are prone to buy these products more which is directly reflected in the growth of sales and an increase in revenues.

How does Influencer marketing work

Before you indulge in the untapped territory of influencer marketing, it is important that you have a detailed idea of how exactly it works. Few points to be kept in mind while engaging in influencer marketing are:

  • Consideration of your approach carefully- do not rush into it. Do your research properly, develop a strategy and make sure you dedicate enough budget into it. This approach is based on a more human to human conversation. Therefore, you have to be patient.
  • Development of schedules- strike a deal with your influencer in chief and develop a schedule bordering around his/her conveniences. Find out if they want monthly, half annually or annual involvement and how they want to interact with the public and speak about your brand. Face-to-face meetings are preferred instead of just being in touch virtually.
  • Know who is a proper influencer who can play a huge part in Influencer marketing– just finding someone who has a large audience may not be ideal here. Instead, look for people who have built a brand of their own like a journalist, a celebrity activist, a YouTuber etcetera, who also have their reputation at stake here and customers will know that they won’t be endorsing anything controversial. Thus, the credibility of the brand increases.
  • The payout is not immediate- the approach is more of a slow and steady type as it involves building a relationship with the consumers over time in order to create the proper waves with the influencers being the wavemakers.

Why Proideators

Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept and requires specialized training in order to learn the nuances and the prospects of it. The course offered by Proideators concentrates on offering a piece of specialised knowledge and guidance in this particular regard so that you can improve your association with your clients.

Choose your influencers after a lot of consideration and use them strategically in order to bring out your product on top.

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