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Affiliate marketing is an online selling tactic where an affiliate earns a certain commission for each product bought through his recommendation. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing and increasing the number of buyers for a business. However the concept of referral bonuses is quite old but it’s only after digital marketing stepped in the picture, the concept got revolutionaries. The outcome is huge, talking about affiliate commission but the art of framing strategies and making planned target buy a merchants product is quite intricate.

How affiliate marketing works

The entire process of affiliate marketing has two broader aspects, one where you plan to hook up a customer in your website and the next, where the customers and merchants site does the rest.

Steps you need to do

  • Join an affiliate program
  • pick your products to promote
  • share the links of the merchant site via social media or your own affiliate website
  • plan to promote it
  • wait until a customer makes a purchase via your shared link.

What happens next

  • Online shopper decides to buy a product.
  • They land on an affiliate marketing site (maybe on your website or social media pages)
  • as soon as he clicka on the links with the product, the customer is redirected to the merchant’s site.
  • As the purchase is made, you earn your affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing benefits

To help you understand what makes affiliate marketing stand alone as the best way of getting commission based income in recent times here are top 5 benefits of affiliate marketing,

  1. Enhanced performance

The best part about affiliate marketing is that the commissions and money are earned on a complete performance basis. As affiliates get paid once the desired action has taken place, they are more driven towards getting more conversions and therefore more commission.

  1. Broader marketing efforts

Affiliate marketing adds up to the initial marketing efforts the company has put into. It is one of the biggest advantages of commission based marketing.

  1. 3rd party validation

Customers prefer to validate a product through a third party’s opinion. affiliate marketing thus creates trust between the customer and the merchant.

  1. Cost-effective

Adding an extra layer of marketing and generating sales with 0 investment is another perk of selling through affiliates.

  1. Scale traffic effectively

Affiliate marketing leverages a business scale its traffic and its source. More affiliates allow a business in tracking their traffic and predict future sales more accurately.

Affiliate marketing FAQs

With just a basic understanding of affiliate marketing, there might be a lot of questions running in your mind. Here are some FAQs on affiliate marketing.

Q1. How much an affiliate marketer can earn?

The answer to this is “limitless”! The better you can generate sales, the more you earn.

Q2. Is having a blog important for affiliate promotion?

Not necessarily, but a blog can be used for a better result as an effective marketing tool.

Q3. How much does it cost to join an affiliate marketing program?

The is no initial cost or investment is joining an affiliate program but the final investment might depend on the promotional tools and techniques used.

Q4. How to learn and master affiliate marketing techniques?

The best way to develop professional-level skills, it can be a better idea to join a leading institute which can help you in learning, excelling and getting certified as a skilled affiliate marketer.

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