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Marketers and developers want a tag management solution that is simple and reliable, secure, and integrates easily with their existing ecosystems. And that is what Google Tag Manager delivers.

Google Tag Manager acts as the bridge between marketers and developers. It’s a tool that helps you collaborate to make sure that you are able to deploy all of the most critical tags for your business needs.

How Convenient is using Google Tag Manager?

There is a variety of use cases for which you might want to consider using Google Tag Manager.

  • Speed: If you want to improve the page load times by firing the tags within Google Tag Manager asynchronously. All tags within Google Tag Manager fire asynchronously in this manner to ensure the best possible performance.
  • Consolidation: You can consolidate and manage tags with powerful editing tools, and user permissions, to add or edit tags with just a few clicks. Having this consolidated place to manage all of your tags can also help you deploy tags more quickly.
  • Workflow: You can simplify your workflows to ensure that you are able to deploy your tags as quickly as you need with all of the relevant stakeholders involved.


As the above aspects suggest in favor of the fact of convenience of Google Tag Manager, we could hopefully opt for it in accordance to our needs.

Difference between Google Tag manager and Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that helps organization to study, monitor, and analyze the user’s behavior on the website to take informed decisions based on the people’s behavior.

Google Analytics can be of help in many things- right from understanding how many people visit your site to what they actually do on your websites, how much time they exactly spend on your website, where are they coming from and lastly how much content they share. So Google Analytics is one of the best tool out there which is available for free.

Whereas Google Tag Manager has tools for marketers to deploy tags while helping I.T. keep things safe and stable.

Google Tag Manager helps you manage how tags are deployed on your website or mobile app. It gives you a powerful set of tools to control how these tags are fired and how your tag data is handled using triggers, variables and a data layer.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager:

  • Improve website speed: Google Tag Manager is going to improve your website speed as it takes all of the tracking codes in your header tag and it combines them into one JavaScript. It speeds up the load time of your pages.
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use and it reduces the need for a developer. You don’t need a developer for anything not even for installing it which could save you time and money.
  • Agile Decisions: Google Tag Manager is going to save you time and money and it allows you to make agile decisions. For instance if you want to do some custom conversions, or track a purchase, or track a form submission, you can do it yourself with the help of Google Tag Manager.
  • Advanced Tracking: Google Tag Manager allows you to do advanced tracking stuff that just traditional analytics does not allow to do.

Why Learn Google Tag Manager Certificate Course?

Since understanding analytics is increasingly important for business of all sizes, there is no better time to start learning Google Tag Manager than right now.

So what exactly does google tag manager do for you? In a nutshell, this tool lets you easily add snippets of code called tags to your site. These tags track thing your visitors do.

The GTM web interface is easy to use and requires no in-depth coding skills, so you can stay on top of your tracking without relying on your web developer to do everything for you.

How Proideators Makes a Difference?

Google Tag Manager is one of the efficient tools for bloggers and marketers across the world. So we Proideators Crafts uses google analytics to give our clients clarity on their digital marketing efforts and also helps them understand the customer behavior.

In this article we cover how we Proideators Crafts use google tag manager and what can be discovered using google tag manager.

So, undoubtedly Proideators provides the best marketing campaigns and great marketing tactics, using google tag manager. So if you are dealing with promoting dilemmas you can opt for Proideators today. Contact us for further details.

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