Use of Diverse Facebook Ad Campaigns to Maximize Your ROI

Use of Diverse Facebook Ad Campaigns to Maximize Your ROI

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When it comes to advertising and digital ad campaigns, social media platforms are the most preferred choice for the businesses. There are number of online channels that can facilitate businesses to enhance their reach and conversions but Facebook marketing is still an ideal choice for the brand. Social media involves different types of ad campaigns that can assist your brand to accomplish diverse company goals. The Facebook Ad Manager is an integrated ad creation tool that helps businesses to create and publish ads across the Facebook platform.

While creating an ad, the first step is to set up a campaign where advertisers can select the ad objective and overall goal for the company.

Here we have listed down some Facebook’s Ads campaigns that help to enhance your ROI:

Brand Awareness:

Awareness based campaigns are mostly preferred to inform your customers and generate their interest for the newly launched product or services. Brand awareness is mostly used to inform people about your product and help them to understand about your business value. This type of ad campaigns works more effectively when your goal is to boost awareness for your brand by presenting ads to the people who are more likely to pay attention to them.


The reach objectives are used to reach maximum audience and how often they view the ads. This ad campaigns is ideal when you want to display ads to the large number of viewers in your audience list within budget. With this campaign businesses can target the local or particular locations using location based keywords. With reach campaign one can select to maximize their audience reach and impression for the entire duration of the campaign.

Consideration Campaigns:

This type of campaign can be used when goal is to reach people and make them to think about your product and seek detail information.


The Traffic ad campaigns are used when the company goal is to increase website traffic and drive customers towards the business.  This campaign assists to nurture the business and drive more customers towards your website, app and messenger conversation.  Advertisers can divert people from Facebook to any website landing page, blog page, mobile application etc.

Engagement:  This campaign assists you to reach more people and connect with their business through post, stories, videos and company page. Engagement campaigns assist your business to interact through likes, shares, comment, post and make them to follow to your company page.

App Installs: The Facebook campaign facilitate to redirect consumers to the platform where they can download and install the business app. You can link your campaign directly to the app stored in Google Play store or app store.  You can also increase your budget and target your potential audience.

Video Views: Social media campaign helps to create and connect with your audience more easily. Video content has a powerful impact on your viewers because it connects effortlessly with audience. Customers like and share such video content that has entertainment and interesting stories.

Lead Generation: For any kind of business, generating leads are the important aspects.  Facebook ad campaign helps to generate leads and gives you an opportunity to convert your leads into customers. To generate leads you can make use of pop up form, sign-ups, newsletter etc. that can fascinate your audience to fill the information and connect through your website.

Thus make use of diverse facebook Ad Manager in a different ways to acquire the best ROI for the business.

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