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Sunita Rajbhar ProiDeators

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Meet ProiDeators Sunita Rajbhar, a Beautiful, Confident, and energetic lady from Mumbai, who desire to be Independent.

After her Graduation she started her career as a graphic designer and was completely fascinated with the industry norms. After the couple of years in her graphic designing job she thought of giving a new touch where she can include digital into her career.

Here the story begins:  

Currently she is working as Sr. Project Consultant in her organization where she handles number of B2B clients and influences them through her digital skills.

In a small chit-chat session, she shared why she decided to choose digital marketing as a career and selected ProiDeators Digital Marketing Institute to be part of her journey.

Sunita said, Thanks for providing the Platform to share my thoughts and experience with others.

Professionally, after my graduation I started working as a graphic Designer. Soon I realized that something is missing since I need to grow in my career more and wanted to add some additional skills in my career, Pursued Digital Marketing Course.

I love to spend time with my Family, Kids and desire to explore new places in India.

How did you come to know Proideators and selected Digital Marketing as your Career?

Sunita replied:  As I wanted to achieve New Heights in my Career,

Consequently, I researched a lot on the market and found Digital Marketing as the most prosperous & booming industry and also relevant to my profile.

I checked it all on Google, had word with my Friends also visited few institutes and I found ProiDeators.

Finally I visited the Centre with my Husband and Took the Free Demo session From the Trainer. I was Impressed and decided to join digital marketing certification course in ProiDeators itself.

How Would You Differentiate ProiDeators from others institute?

To Be very Honest, I was impressed with demo sessions and the way trainer has shared their experiences with us.  I firmly believe that I wanted to check the things personally before I make a final decision. The Counselor guided me really well and I made my mind to proceed with the institute.

I would differentiate ProiDeators as Credible, Trustworthy, and leading Institute in Digital Marketing education domain.

How About the training experience in ProiDeators, Sunita said –

“My experience with ProiDeators was great. I learned a lot from the institute. Praising the trainers, she said – “If you want to develop & achieve new heights in marketing, choose ProiDeators.”

I would like to give 10/10 points for the extremely supportive staff & management team!


Thanks Sunita, for being the part of ProiDeators. We wish you all the best! You will definitely be going to touch New Dimension & shine in your career.

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