Wanted to improve my skills in the era of digital marketing for my Pharmaceutical Business – Amol Gujar


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Digital has already changed the pharma and healthcare industry in numerous ways such as it evolved the level of patience communications, treatment development and build transparency. Due to its unmatched cost-effectiveness, digital marketing tactics provide valuable ways to connect and treat potential consumers and reach clients through the internet. After understand the key benefits of digital marketing Mr. Amol Gujar started learning and exploring the strategy that will help them to nurture, engage and promote the Pharmaceutical industry.

During our interview questions and answers sessions we have asked Amol Gujar to share his journey with us. So let’s read his story in his own words:

Welcome to ProiDeators Talk Show, before we take this ahead can you describe yourself?

Hey myself Amol Gujar and I have my own Pharmaceutical Distribution business. For the past 10+ years I have been into this business and own two different outlets in pharmacy.  Currently I am dealing with B2B clients and B2C clients. So far we have utilized traditional methods to reach our potential clients and outsource our digital work with others.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?

I am a BSC graduate and deal with Pharmaceutical Distribution. I have joined digital marketing to promote my business online and upgrade my skills in the current era of digital marketing.

What are your goals after completing the course?

Our goal is to create our own digital marketing team that can manage my business and fulfill the gap between the customers and brands through the internet.

How did the course help you to boost your business in your domain?

I have created my own pharma business which help brand to connect with the customer directly. Meanwhile I am using social media platforms and PPC ads campaigns to run the campaigns and accomplish my goals. Overall we have started with branding and advertising simultaneously to reach a wider audience.

Tell us the best experience you had with ProiDeators as a learner?

Here in Proideators, the Teaching Faculty is Excellent. They put Maximum efforts on Practical’s on every aspect of digital marketing until students become expert in it. With the help of Digital Marketing I can generate more leads, which will further help me to increase my customer base & hence business. This was the best learning experience for me in ProiDeators.

How did you differentiate ProiDeators from others and why?

ProiDeators stands apart from the crowd because:

  • They focus on each individual and solve their doubts and queries.
  • They have experienced and specialist trainers who know to deal with the students of all age group
  • They concentrate more on practical than just theory
  • They provide offline training as well as online training.
  • They motivate their students to grow in their career and boost their confidence.

Any piece of advice you would like to share with others?

I would suggest other healthcare people and pharma working professionals to learn new skills that can help them to grow in their respective field. There are institutes like ProiDeators who provide in-hand training to grow in your career.

Define ProiDeators Digital Marketing Institute in One word?

ProiDeators is one of the finest digital marketing institutes that has a global presence in the market.

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