What are the Top 5 Trends for Mobile Marketing?

What are the Top 5 Trends for Mobile Marketing ProiDeators

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Have you ever realized that Smartphone are no longer a technology that helps to connect 2 individuals for calling or texting? Today People are using this gadget for reading an email, sending information through what’sApp, promoting Brands through Mobiles devices and reaching large audiences all across the globe.

With its growing popularity among the audiences, Advertisers are fully utilizing this technology to promote their respective business through mobile phones. Be it online transaction or business success achievements everything can be done through phones. Therefore let’s dive into the top 5 trends that can help businesses to succeed:

Create User friendly mobile App: There are end numbers of Mobile App created every year and uploaded in Play stores. But have you ever thought that if the App is not engaging or interesting most of the audiences just move away after the installation of the app in their smart phones. Thus develop an App that helps your audiences to stay connected and engaged every now and then. For example: Let us take a look at the App built by Mc-Donald’s. Using this App people can easily track their purchase and pay for their order through smart phones. Not only this but the app comprises of coupon codes, offers, best deals and they can redeem this stuff with a quick scratch. This helps audiences to stay connected and interesting whenever they wanted to enjoy the meal.

This is just an example for all those who are still struggling with their Apps traffic and conversion to reach the maximum height for their businesses.

Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms are one of the most important platforms used by individuals to stays connected with their friends, family and so on. But at the same time People make use of social media app on their Smartphone where Facebook is the most popular App that is been accessed frequently on the mobile devices.

Thus, Why Advertisers should stay away from this platform? After all, it is one of the simplest ways to reach the prospective audiences and stay connected with social campaigns on facebook. Nearly 80% of the audiences are browsing the facebook through mobile phones which can help advertisers to target their potential audiences and increase the reach for their brand. Unlike facebook there are other platforms frequently accessed such as business whatsapp, Instagram etc.

Video Marketing: We all know People love to browse and watch video than the reading simple context & lengthy articles present on sites. According to one of the research, 50% of YouTube views are coming through Smartphone than the other devices. This undoubtedly states that mobile users engage in video content more than written content. Videos are a best way to interact with users. One can share information more creatively and add Value to their content in the respective domain. For this one should always keep the video short, sweet and crispy to understand and enjoy within a short span of time to drive your audiences more towards your business.

This doesn’t mean that every time one has to come up with the selling proposal in front of audiences. You can even create punch lines, humor and creative thing that can help to sell your product more creatively rather than only pitching the sales tips. Make sure to check the quality and how good the video is optimized for different smart phones. Also don’t forget to check the audio of the video before making it live on the devices.

Visual and Voice Search: Are you still wondering about visual and voice searches, Than 2020 is the right time to start with and evolve your technique of searching. With voice searches like Alexa and Siri people are enjoying their access without any efforts. Google has made the thing s easier to search with the help of its latest technology of Google Lens, Google Assistance and so on.

Google Search Result with Mobile Apps: Google started showing the search result along with the Apps and others possible searches. This means there are chances that Google will display diverse App on your screen which may help your business to highlight and it is relatively chances that the prospective users may download the app.

Conclusions: Mobile marketing concept is very fast and play pivotal role in the lives of individual and entrepreneur both. At this point of competition one cannot ignore integrating mobile marketing strategies in their business model to leverage the success in the respective domain.

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