Wondering What Might Be Slowing Your Website Performance And How To Fix It?

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There can be a number of reasons that might cause your website to slow down but it is important to fix those errors as soon as possible to drive your viewers towards your website. A slow down site is a kind of fungus that can destroy the entire brand credibility.  Whether you have an online ecommerce store, blog, service based site or anything else; viewers must be able to connect within a second.  According to the stats, the conversion rates diminish rigorously as the loading speed of a website increases.  It is very crucial to make your website user friendly to get loaded within a second on web to grab your audience’s attentions.

There was a research that found it takes approximately 3.5 seconds for people to make a decision whether or not website is worth staying on. If the website did not serve the best to the customers they form an opinion within a second and that creates negative impact for your business.  Thus people should focus more on website design which is undoubtedly a vital feature to consider.  But at the same time, if the website hasn’t loaded or doesn’t permit viewers to connect with your product, services, content, and other key features then you have probably lost your consumers.  People become impatient if it took more than 5 seconds to load.  As the tolerance level increases for mobile viewers because mobile sites is expected to have longer loading time as compare to desktop.  Thus it is important to consider the mobile features while developing your sites.

Here are the most common reasons that diminish your website performance and how to fix it:

1: Involved in worst hosting services – People desire to buy the hosting services that provide discounts, offers in their packages and promises big things.  Most probably cheap hosting services can be very fascinating but for long run it becomes trouble for the site. They may not fulfill your needs and saving too much on a host but could be costing customers in the long run.  Sometimes hosting services can get expensive, especially as the site nurture and visitors increases.

How to Fix It: Do lots of research work at home and select the best that keep their promises.  As your website is an investment thus you have to analyze your site performance and investigate a hosting firm before signing up.  Changing a host can turn into nightmare!

2: Local Network Issues – Website doesn’t have one thing to fix. It has multiple minor steps between server points, which can disturbed by complications in your local network.

How to fix it: Take the help of tool that analysis your website performance. One of the tools that can assist you to monitor entire sites within minutes is Pingdom.  Right from the overview of your website, performance, response time, alert log, test result log, uptime and downtime etc. are the key element that can be analyzed with this tool.

3: Too much junk:  There are several renowned brands with giant digital marketing budgets still sustain slow, jumbled websites.  Few common mistakes for website slowdowns performance related to designs are:

Images are too big: Well we are not talking about dimension here, but in file size.  The images must be compressed to be as small as possible while retaining high quality resolutions.

Third Party Media:  Sometime if people find something related and interesting video on YouTube that connects to their business they upload those video on websites.  Try to reduce the external videos, slide shows and other heavy images that reduce your website speed.  Start using your own media and host it on your site.

Flash: When you include flash on your website it automatically creates problems. The loading speed increases and people start avoiding such websites. On the other hand such sites aren’t optimized on small devices like smart phones and tablets.

How To Fix It: Try to make use of the images that can be well optimized without sacrificing the resolutions.  Start developing your websites on word press and select the fastest word press theme.  Try to avoid flash on your website since it take time to load and at the same time visibility of the site reduces in search result pages.

Finally when you are trying to optimize your website loading performance make sure to consider even small technical elements that might be contributing to slow down.

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