Exclusive Ways to Get Organic Facebook Likes in 2019

Exclusive Ways to Get Organic Facebook Likes in 2019 ProiDeators

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While 2.23 billion people log on to Facebook on a regular basis, it is one of the best social media platforms to promote your business. If the no. of users seems mesmerizing to you, there are over 300 million images being uploaded daily. This surely shows a huge potential for your business growth.


Uploading and advertising at the right time in front of the right audience through Facebook surely has its own benefits. But at the same time, with the increase in paid promotions, organic search contents have lost its calibre over the past few years. Some recent studies show that only 1-3% of the entire search is organic at the moment on Facebook. But, even with that number, there is a huge number of the audience still available for you. 


Recent Change in Facebook Algorithm

Back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg made a post on his profile about the changes being made in Facebook’s algorithm. According to Zuckerberg, people can now see more posts from their friends and families as compared to that of the paid promotions. That is why 2019 is a great year to start organic posts without investing a single penny from your pocket. 


Here is a list of some of the exclusive ways in which one can get organic Facebook likes in 2019:


1) Keep a Track at Your Target Audience

What we mean by that is, one should be very careful at the times at which their targeted audience logs on to Facebook. This is the first and foremost step towards succeeding organically. Never share your contents around midnight or at the early work hours, as at those times people are either asleep or busy with their works. At first, try to understand the login pattern of your audience and post as per to that. 


2) Quality over Quantity

This statement is considered as one of the universal truths of digital marketing. Don’t just go for likes. Initially, you might think about sharing multiple posts per day to get as much accumulated likes as possible, but that doesn’t work out for organic contents. You have to take it nice and easy. Make your content so much visually appealing that, when people see them, they just can’t get their eye out of it. In that way, not only you can get a life but also a share to potentially get other views.


3) Create Your Own Niche

Always stick to the same topic. Having your own niche can specifically target like minded audiences. Take, for instance; you are a food blogger and love sharing pictures of food in your posts. So, people with the same interest are likely to view your posts. While if you suddenly start to upload pictures of football players, you are most likely to lose your audience. 


4) Engage with Your Audience

Try to read as many comments as possible and give a firm reply. In this way, your audience can feel a kind of interaction which will definitely help you down the line. In this way, the more you will engage with your audience, the more likely your organic results will increase.


5) Try Holding Contests

Try to hold contests on your Facebook page once in a while to attract more audience. In this way, your audience can feel like a community. The oneness that you can create will certainly help you to increase the number of audiences. And above all, the more the audience, the merrier the likes. 


If you follow the above-mentioned strategies closely, you are bound to get success. Just go through them and have some patience. You won’t become a star overnight but with proper work and patience, you certainly will prosper in your business.

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