LinkedIn Presents an ‘Ads’ Tab to Display Sponsored Content Ad History:

LinkedIn Presents an Ads Tab to Display Sponsored Content Ad History ProiDeators

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Finally, LinkedIn has introduced an awesome feature and also one of the most awaited one. This feature added by LinkedIn is considered an effective feature and also it is expected to increase the transparency of LinkedIn with its users. It will help to build a trust factor amongst the users of LinkedIn regarding it.

This new feature added to LinkedIn is going to be useful for users of LinkedIn and also to the visitors in many ways, apart from just making the site trustworthy.

If you are wondering how; keep reading forth.

What is this new tab all about?

Nowadays, the ads on social media are being misused by the public to a great extent. It now comes with a new tab, called “ads”. This tab will let the visitors clicked on any sponsored ads from the last six months, posted by the company. And the most amazing part is that it does not charge the advertiser for the clicks. It is free and thus also help in increasing the number of click in the ads causing you to spend less.

It is surely supposed to increase the number of visitors and your make your ads reach a greater number of potential viewers.

It will minimize deceptiveness:

With this new feature, the business needs to be more cautious regarding what they are posting. Since all the ads from the past six months would be visible to the audience, they need to make sure no deceptive ads are being posted on LinkedIn. Two ads supporting two opposite or contradictory view-points will seem to be fake to the customers. They would easily get to understand that they are trying to deceive them.

It helps to track competitors:

Suppose you have a rival who always tend to give you a neck to neck competition in terms of LinkedIn marketing. Or perhaps you might have a company which is better than you in LinkedIn marketing. You can simply go to their sites to view their ads to see what they are posting since the past half of the year. This will help you get an idea about their strategy of marketing. You can thus learn from other well-established marketers to make your own marketing better.

It helps you stand out of the crowd:

Sometimes, it happens that when two companies have the same types of business, the concept of their advertisements and their styles are almost similar. This might seem boring to the visitors and you may end up losing the uniqueness of your own.

But now, as you will be now able to see the past ads of the business or companies that are similar to yours, you will know what they are posting. This will eventually help you create new ideas for your advertisements and let you stand out.


The new Ads tab of LinkedIn is great in terms of increasing the transparency and the effectiveness of an ad. It is expected that LinkedIn is going to bring many such new and exciting features to its users.

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