Google Launches New Search Console Reports – How does it Work

Google Launches New Search Console Reports – How does it Work

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Google Search Console, offered by Google, is the new simplified version of optimizing the presence of website on the Google search engine. It is an interaction model that guides the users in solving issues that are pending and is beneficial for organisational purposes relative to efficient internal collaboration.

These new search console reports are related to the structured data. This set of fresh reports includes an analysing Structured Data Report and two other enhancement reports i.e. Sitelinks Searchbox and logo enhancement reports.

With facility to find unlinked mentions and guest posting, let’s discuss in brief the benefits of the new search console reports to users and the modification done by Google in this aspect.

Get your preferred domain

Now, the users can specify the way they want their site to be listed in the search engine. Currently, the users can have access to selection options for the versions of their sites and set the same as different URls. The search visibility is clearer and the hindrance to search visibility is much lower. This approach gives the users the uniqueness they desire for their sites.

Integration of Google Analytics with search console

The process of reporting the data is also modified as the users can use the attributes of analytics for traffic and data conversion and the search console for monitoring the search factors related to that data. This new aspect has given better control for the users over the pre-click data and post-click as they can now co-relate the same to achieve better ranking. And, with the help of landing page reports the users can also comprehend the correlations in a much better way.


Another attribute of the new search console leading to user’s benefit is allowing the visitors to navigate the websites. These are auto generated and help the visitors to reach deep and specific pages. The users can also remove the sitelinks if they do not wish those to appear for a page.


With more data in the search analytics, users can now analyse and compare the terms trends year over year.  Further, with updated index coverage report for giving insight in indexing URLs and fixing potential issues, new search console reports are all set to go to give users better tracking and functionality. Google search console is an effective tool that helps users in collecting data and configuring the same for asserting a better control over their website. Search console gives the users a stronghold from Google in terms of the ways search engine sees the user’s websites.

The significant aspect of this new search console is that the users will receive notification from Google directly in case of any issues and potential hazards against the user’s websites.  Now, the developers can connect apps with websites and can discover problems that affects the search result rankings as well as this new search console is modelled to enhance the website users experiences. Overall, we can claim that life for the digital generation is smoother a ride than it was before this new search console update struck!

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