Digital Marketing as a career option

Digital Marketing as a career option Proideators

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With the advent of the internet and smartphones, things have changed drastically for marketers as well as consumers. Simple things like buying groceries have also seen the taste of technology and the internet. The entire idea of entertainment has witnessed a 360-degree change. Web series and YouTube videos are the new sources of entertainment. Marketers have also shifted from conventional marketing methods to digital means. The reach of digital marketing has led to this drastic change.

You skim through Myntra to buy a backpack, the very next day you will see a feed on Facebook showing you backpack from Myntra. This is the power of digital marketing; you will be tempted to buy what you wear searching for on e-commerce apps.

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving industry; every day is a new challenge and opportunity. A person willing to be in this industry has to be very inquisitive and be updated with technology and changes in the world of marketing.

How to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

It does not usually require an individual to hold a degree, but it is recommended that one hold a degree in Business Management, Journalism, Mass Media or  Marketing as their courses work will give you a basic understanding of marketing, and business. But a newbie does not necessarily have to hold a degree, if they can adjust to the fast- paced nature of this industry then they will seem at the managerial level some day. These should be ideally backed by Digital Marketing certifications which can be acquired through video training or through an instructor.

Career opportunities

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a method which increases traffic to your website on the search results page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Businesses require SEO specialists and a surge can be seen in the near future.

Search Engine Marketing

It is the process of promoting a website online through paid advertisements, The task of the advertisers is to bid keywords which are most searched by people so that their websites are ranked higher.

Content Marketing

It involves retaining targeting audience through posting relevant content. It need not necessarily have to be restricted to written content. Videos, articles, podcasts all are under the content marketing umbrella.

Social Media Marketing

To draw traffic and generate leads social media platforms are used. The reach of social media is known by everybody and to target your audience through social media is another interesting way.

Affiliate Marketing

In this process, you promote the products and services of other people to earn a commission out of it. When the products are finally sold s/he earns the decided amount of money in exchange for the promotion.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest methods of marketing involves people to send promotional mail to their potential customers.  You can direct the receiver to your website through email marketing. It sure is an old method but neglected by many marketers.

Digital Marketing career benefits


A career in digital marketing comes with a lot of freedom. You also have the liberty to work from home. All your ideas big, small, creative, old school ever thing is welcome from people.

Digital Marketing is on the boom

There is plenty of room for people who want to pursue a career in digital marketing. The entire world is working on digital marketing and in the coming years, its demand is going to be manifold.

Good salary

When a particular job is in demand, you can have good pay if you have the required skill set.

No specific education required

While it is recommended to have a degree in marketing or journalism or mass media it is not mandatory, You only have to be creative, so if you are creative you can land a job in digital marketing.

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